An holy coronation Land, where the chalk white brings out a mineral casket with ancestral gold blood springing from its hillsides, when its still and clear wine falls asleep in the cellars, endlessly giving birth to dreams and bubbles.

An Abbey Land, where the mounts’ brick red and hops-growing vales offer a divine foam to kind-hearted men. Giants, legendary games in a spark of life, plain and joyful existence, endlessly celebrating.


When Godefroy, nicknamed GOD, a Champagne native with Flemish roots meets with his future wife Julie from Flanders : a story in which two Lands, two Worlds made of heart and blood, come together. From bubbles to foam, Godefroy and Julie discover each other’s treasures and talents, both obvious and subtle. A magical twinkle, sparkling in the heart and mind like a great sparkling wine bubble. Reims blends with Godewaersvelde, a Heritage village in the heart of Flanders, Land of Beer.