A magical twinkle, sparkling in the heart and mind

… We shall name it «  »


Let the magic work through the blending of two ancestral crafts: Brewing and the traditional method (la “Méthode Traditionnelle”).

The artisanal recipe for a pure and “Brut” beer, with a pale golden color and floral flavor, blends with a sparkling wine recipe well-known for its tiny bubbles and amazing brightness, crowned with a light and airy foam. From essences to substances, the brewing secrets, followed by a maturation on lees in the bottle for several months, give birth to an exceptional sparkling nectar, worthy of the greatest sparkling wines. A delicate and regular riddling process (“Remuage”) on a Champagne rack brings the beer an absolute clarity. GÔDE is ready to be born through one last step: the ancestral disgorging «Dégorgement».

Brut Beer

Adorned with its traditional champagne cork and topped with its “hopped” Fleur de Lys, GÔDE stands in a special champagne bottle called “Arbane”. A simple and elegant package, reminiscent of its origins: chalk white (from the Champagne soil) and Flanders’ brick red. Crowned with its golden hat, GÔDE is ready to shine across borders, through senses and inspirations!